Who needs R & R the most?


Think about it. We spend so much of our time providing the perfect escape for others. Most of us entered this ministry because God put it on our hearts that today's youth, more than ever, need to a place to get away from their lives, and most of us have made it also part our mission to provide a similar experience for adults. We do this because we know that not only is this time of escape the best opportunity to hear our Father's voice, rest and relaxation is also good for our physical health, and let's get honest here, God wants us to rest, re-fuel, re-focus, and the list of "re's" goes on and on. In short, you, your family, and your ministry will benefit from your getting away.

So, why would those of us who provide this for others, ignore it for ourselves and our families?!

The CCL Board wants to take the lead in offering their respective camp's facilities and services to other camp professionals. Some may be able to offer room, food and activities, some maybe only room. We will list all camps offering their facilities & services here, and we are asking the contact people at those camps to post exactly what they offer and what the guest will need to prepare for (bedding, food, etc.) on the message boards.

"But, I don't have time."

The "free" part should help with the budget. Now let's address the time. You know your workload and schedule better than anyone, so only you can pick the right time for you and your family. Most of us have boards to answer to, and our prayer is that your board would be more than happy for you to visit another camp and learn how they other guys operate. 

"Sign Me Up!"

If you are interested in taking us up on this offer, all you have to do to qualify is to be a camp professional at a CCL camp, and all you have to do is contact the person at the camp you want to visit. Look at the list below for the camps and contact names. Also keep an eye on the message boards for more detailed information.

"Can I offer my camp?"

Absolutely. If you are interested in offering your camp, contact us with your camp name, website, and contact info, and please take the time to post a message and give details of what you offer.


Lake and canoe

Appalachian Christian Camp, Tennessee

Blue Grass Christian Camp, Kentucky

Butler Springs Christian Camp, Ohio

Camp Allendale, Indiana

Camp Christian, Pennsylvania

Camp Illiana, Indiana

Camp Northward, Kentucky

Country Lake Christian Retreat, Indiana

El Porvenir Christian Camp, New Mexico

Hanging Rock Christian Assembly, Indiana

Howell's Mill, West Virginia

Lake Aurora Christian Assembly, Florida

Lake James Christian Assembly, Indiana

Lake Springfield Christian Assembly, Illinois

LaMoine Christian Service Camp & Retreat Center, Illinois

Rainbow Christian Camp, Indiana

Roanake Christian Camp, Virginia

Round Lake Christian Camp, Ohio

Woodland Christian Camp and Retreat Center, Georgia

White Mills Christian Camp, Kentucky

Elkhorn Valley Christian Service Camp,Ohio